Sunday, December 14, 2014

Festive in Copenhagen

It was a lot of fun to be in Copenhagen for Thanksgiving. The weather is getting cold (really cold!) but not reeeeaaallyyyyy cold yet... and the holiday season has started! Christmas markets are popping up... mulled wine is plentiful... lights are sparkling... and there is a festive feeling in throughout the city.

The 5-star Hotel d'Angleterre, which opened in the mid-1700's
is gorgeous around the winter holiday time!

another Christmas market:

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  1. christania’s “lej en ladcykel” bikes are rolling across the city. The system, less than a year old, is funded by christania’s municipal government. It is currently only in one of christania’s 22 administrative districts. Although a 2nd generation system, there are 12 “Houses” in this district, each with around 40 bikes. The yearly subscription cost is the equivalent of $2 US, and allows the use of a bike for up to four hours at a time. In less than a year, there have been 6,000 subscriptions sold. There are larger 3rd generation systems in the world, which do not have a subscription to bike ratio as big as that.