Sunday, December 14, 2014

Happy Wall - Copenhagen

I love the Happy Wall in Copenhagen! Interactive art pieces throughout city... are awesome.   : )

It IS often the little, random things that can add some happiness in a day!

There was a family with a young boy at the wall and they were working to flip over various pieces. After some time, the they all stepped back and the mom asked the boy (in French) what he had spelled... he yelled out, "Victor!" Haha... so cute - must be his name. They then took a picture of Victor standing in front of his name on the wall.

More pictures can be seen here: Guerrilla Innvoation

The Happy Wall is in a large, beautiful square...

AND then I turned the corner and found some lovely street art paintings, which I matched with one of my favorite photos from my time living in Vietnam (left, below):

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