Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bukhara's style

My friend Donna told me that I would love shopping in Bukhara and she was right! I love the style and the history to the goods that were found throughout this impressive, beautiful city.

It IS difficult to get more cash while in Uzbekistan though. It is also difficult to use a credit or debit card. The ATM machines are few and far between... and when you DO find one, it is most likely out of cash. I was warned of this before going and planned to bring more cash than I thought I would need... but then was charged DOUBLE the amount I was expecting to pay for the tourist visa (not sure if I had been mistaken or if I got ripped off by the guy at the airport) - but I did end up wishing I had brought even more cash with me. -- Live and learn! I was still able to enjoy myself and now have a number of items that will remind me of Bukhara and this trip  : )

I love these! I saw them hanging across doorways in many shops and restaurants:

Walking through the main entrance of one of the monuments we found what is shown below... (there are 4 walls like this, forming an enclosed square). There is a restaurant within and shopping stalls along the entire perimeter - each displaying goods in the entrance and, if interested, you can stoop through the small doorway to go into a small room and see more. 

Click on the photo below to make it bigger:

I took a panoramic photo of the shop shown above because it is so beautiful! I should have done a 360 photo so that you are able to see the entire ceiling. Many shops are in historic buildings like this. The building is massive and gorgeous. The multiple domes are just incredible... and I loved walking through a doorway into a shop in THIS! Lovely.

The sign for the madrasah shown above with the shop inside:
Kokaldosh, built in 1568 through 1569

A bazaar of carpets:

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