Wednesday, June 3, 2015

exploring Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Bukhara, like Samarkand, was a major stop along the Silk Road trading route. It was very interesting to visit and explore. I really enjoyed walking around. There was so much to see (about 140 monuments!). We would turn a corner and be amazed at an entirely new sight.

One of the public baths - not used anymore but they used to be central places throughout the city:

An old mosque seemingly deserted and not used anymore - near to where we stayed:

"Arch, park, bazaar"
The lady at the guesthouse gave Jaime and directions to find the large market in Bukhara. She took us outside the front door of the guesthouse, pointed down the road and then said, "Ark, park, bazaar." - Her directions worked!

When we departed the next day, we thanked the lady and all three of us said together, "Ark, park, bazaar." I'm not sure this comes off as well written as it did in person and the way she said it - but we all loved it and it was a cute bonding point.

Jaime at the front of the fortress:

The Ark - the wall of Bukhara's fortress:

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