Thursday, October 29, 2015

EXPO - American Pavilion's BRUNCH

The universal exposition has been going on in Milan since the beginning of last May. It ends the last day of October (tomorrow!). EXPO has brought millions of visitors to the city over the past 6 months. Preparations for the event started before I even moved here, more than two years ago.

EXPO 2015

Wikipedia article: EXPO 2015

It has been a really big deal (for good reason -- it's a HUGE event!) and many hoped that it would boost Milan/Italy's economy. Not everyone have been fans of having such a large project in the city though. It's been expensive to host and has brought many extra people to the area. During the opening weekend last May, there were protests, riots, and vandalism in various areas of the city. Throughout the city, there have been plenty of examples of the negative feelings:

Since opening weekend, however, the EXPO seems to have gone pretty well. Friends of mine from school that have gone have really enjoyed it... or said that it was too crowded, they didn't get to go inside many pavilions, it's too big to really see all of it in one visit, etc. Instead of going to the actual EXPO grounds, where countries around the world each have a pavilion and then fit the theme, Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, I went to an American-style brunch instead! Perrrrrrfect.

I fully enjoyed going to a lovely brunch instead of braving the crowds of the full event.

Joining a couple friends from school, we went to brunch on a Sunday that was offered through the American pavilion and were really pleased. (We went in early September -- I'm still behind on posting to the blog!) People could also attend multi-course dinners led by famous chefs. Brunch took place on an outdoor patio overlooking the Duomo's plaza. It was great. (Oh, and there was also unlimited coffee, food, and mimosas... I enjoyed fresh orange juice.)   :P

Gorgeous day. Gorgeous view.

It doesn't get much better than delicious coffee AND a giant chocolate chip cookie!

Heath and Angela were the same two friends that I went out for dinner with on my birthday in August! We then stopped by Bar Luce for a drink:

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