Monday, October 26, 2015


This will be my last post of my time in Venice at the end of June with my mom and aunt. They are bits and pieces of my favorites from our 3-day stay!

Libreria Acqua Alta is the bookstore that I mentioned in a past post about an amazing bookstore that we stumbled upon in Venice. There are books ALL over... even a staircase made of books in the back that overlooks a canal! There are bathtubs and gondolas overflowing with books. I loved it. The Smithsonian wrote an article about this bookstore last year: Why Does This Bookstore Keep Its Books in Bathtubs?

I love this photo of Mom and Aunt Gail   : )   Le Sorelle! (The Sisters)

THE MOST delicious bruschetta I've ever tasted. (Twice.)   : )

These two weren't together on the water taxi but they are equally fabulous.


Completing this set of photos with one of Le Sorelle   : )

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  1. We had such a great time in Venice. We love spending time with you! And Venice was the perfect venue to do this.