Monday, November 18, 2013

going to Sutton, England

Well -- tomorrow I fly to England!

Less than two weeks ago, I received an email about a one-day workshop for librarians and the IB Diploma program (which our school has)... and I'm off! The upper school principal was supportive of me attending, and school has helped set up all travel arrangements for me. So, so nice.

blue marker: Sutton, England
red marker: Milan, Italy

The flight from Malpensa (Milan) to Gatwick (London) is about 2 hours long.
Awesome! (...Still amazing to me... to be able to fly just 2 hours and be in a completely different country and culture... when in the States, I take two flights, totally about 5 hours in the air and get from Denver, Colorado to Rochester, New York.)

Sutton is just south of London:

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  1. Wonderful! Enjoy your mid-week trip! It really does seem special to me that you can easily fly in a couple hours to England! Love you!