Sunday, November 17, 2013

special Sunday lunch

I was in the middle of a few loads of laundry, reading my book earlier today when the phone rang. (That doesn't happen often!)

Ends up being a new friend of mine from school! She retired from ASM about 7 years ago but is still often seen around campus and helps with PTO things.

Her and a friend are soon going to Hong Kong and Vietnam!

She invited me over for lunch at her place... along with the travel friend.

I'm so glad that I went. It was nice to have a true home-cooked Italian meal. Her husband made a delicious polenta with rabbit. And there was homemade panna cotta with caramel (basically cooked cream). Wow.

When she invited me over she asked if I am vegetarian... to which I said, "No"... and she said, "Oh good, then you can eat some Italian foods!" Hahaha.

Her husband only spoke Italian... her friend is originally from England but has lived in Milan for 30-some years... and she, herself, speaks both English and Italian. It was nice to try and follow their conversations in Italian... be able to have help translating at times... and also be able to speak some in English as well.

I've forgotten so much of the Italian that I learned during college... but it's nice to be here and re-learn some... while also learning new things, since I'm more in conversation here rather than a grammar-based class.

After lunch we sat and chatted... looked at photos from their recent family trip to Croatia... and then took a walk over to the monthly Sunday market in town.

A very nice Sunday indeed.   : )

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