Friday, November 22, 2013

kitchen adventures...

The year before I moved to Vietnam I began collecting kitchen things here and there as I found cute items and as there were sales. I figured at some point I would have to move out of my brother's house in Denver, Colorado and would need to have some things to start my own apartment.

...THEN my teaching position was cut in budget cuts and up I moved to Vietnam with just two suitcases.

The cute, new kitchen things were packed and left in Lenny's basement for the two years I was in Vietnam. (Thankfully, Lenny was awesome and let me leave most of my belongings in his basement!)

Coming to Italy this past August, the school's teaching contracts includes a shipping allowance to send belongings by sea. It's been really, really nice to have my belongings here with me... AND be able to use some of the new kitchen items that I've never used before!

I'm a big fan of Anthropologie. ...Maybe not such a big fan of their prices... but if you can hit their sale shelves, it's great. The store's kitchen items are functional AND look nice sitting out in the kitchen when not in use. I love my teddy bear salt and pepper shakers:

And also from Anthropologie are my decorative measuring cups:

A purchase since being in Italy is my lovely yellow coffee percolator! It doesn't work as well as the original silver Bialetti Moka percolator (the main brand)... but it's cute and still makes happy coffee!

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