Sunday, November 10, 2013

homemade PIZZA!

My adventures in the kitchen continue. ...And, thankfully, Italy seems to be on my side!

I've never been much of a cook (...some of you have probably heard a couple of my disaster stories from the kitchen! Haha.)

Today's challenge for myself was pretty easy... but I am still very proud that it came out DELICIOUS!

Homemade pizza. Nonny-and-Mom style. My brothers and I grew up having my mom make us awesome homemade pizza every now and then. We loved these nights. Mom would even fry up the extra dough and we dunked it in sugar for dessert. Definitely a treat!

I didn't try the fried dough tonight... but the pizza was a success!   : D

I bought dough at the local CoOp store for less than 1.50 euro!

Into the oven... about 1/2-way through the pizzas' time in the oven, I came out from my bedroom area and smelled the pizzas baking. Ahhhhhhh so so good. Definitely comfort food.

I kept it simple tonight... one pizza had cheese and red peppers - the other was just cheese.
...And both were gloriously delicious.   : D

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