Thursday, May 29, 2014

3x's around Boudha Stupa - Kathmandu

Some photos from taken during my walks around the Boudha Stupa.   : )

Monks making the walk around:

Mountains in the distance:

My view while writing postcards and having lunch!

I really enjoyed the fresh goat cheese in Kathmandu! (...Like in the salad below...)
There are so many goats... and it is so fresh... yes, please!

Like in Saigon, there are a number of really lovely restaurants and cafes in a city where a person might be afraid to eat the food or not know where to go. Sarah brought me to some great places with delicious food! I did, however, get sick halfway through the week... and remained so for the next two weeks. TWO WEEKS! Yikes.

After a few doctor visits and multiple tests... I found out that I had Salmonella. The good thing is that it went away on its own with time. Feeling better now!

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