Friday, May 23, 2014

carpet taxis! - Kathmandu

The taxis in Kathmandu are... iiiiiinteresting.

You will mostly likely find yourself sitting on an old, decorated rug in the back seat... with magazine pages pasted onto the door as a covering... and just hoping to yourself that you and the back-end of the car are not left behind when you bounce over a bump (or hole) in the road and hit your head on the roof! It's an experience!

Sarah was able to give me a roundabout fair price for my destinations each day and that helped a lot. The taxi drivers WILL bargain with you and usually want the job enough that they will come down to the goal price that Sarah listed for me. Perrrrrfect. I was royally ripped off my first day and learned from there on. (The driver had also taken me to exchange money... so he knew I that I had plenty. Mistake number one!)

Some photos from inside Kathmandu taxis:

And a local bus... with passengers literally hanging off the back because it is so full!

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