Saturday, May 10, 2014

coffee and dog bites - Kathmandu Day 2

For my first full day in Kathmandu, Sarah went off to school for the day and I joined Michael and Ellie (the dog) for their morning coffee walk.

There are a LOT of street dogs in Kathmandu. Other places that I have traveled to where there are street dogs... the dogs have been pretty calm and mostly left people alone. ...Not these dogs! They are angry, unhappy, and mean. The morning walk was pretty crazy. Tons of barking, Ellie pulling on her leash - loving life... and us just trying to get to the lovely cafe (which felt like paradise compared to the streets).

Check out the dog in the photo below - total attack mode... on the roof of a house... wanting nothing more but to tear Ellie apart. Yikes!

Soon after the photo above... there were 3 street dogs... one of them was HUGE... there were kind of walking around and toward us, eyeing us...

We walked past... but without us knowing it, the big guy came up from behind us after we thought we were safely past... and bit Ellie in the back of one of her legs! It all happened before we knew it. Michael got the dog away... we got to the cafe... the dog came BACK! and Michael simply picked up a rock from the ground to make him finally, truly go away. Poor Ellie - she was a trooper but there was blood and later she had to have a shot in case the mean dog had rabies. She's fine now - just had a tape-diaper for a couple days. After that... I was a bit more weary of the street dogs but, thankfully, all was fine the rest of the week.

Aaaaaaand - lovely, lovely coffees.
I very much like living in and traveling to countries with awesome coffee.

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