Monday, August 4, 2014

ciao-for-now Denver!

I begin heading back to Milan early tomorrow morning.

Living abroad has its gives and takes... and goodbyes are definitely a hard part. My last day at home in the States always feels extra emotional... and even scary. Part of beginning my adventure abroad when I moved to Vietnam three years ago was pushing past that fear though.

I'm not quite all packed yet. A few minutes ago I remembered some hanging clothes in the closet that I then attempted to shove into my carry-on suitcase, which is now sitting on top of the bed with the top of the suitcase sticking up diagonally because there's too much inside.

...Deciding to blog instead of dealing with that for the moment...

Arriving back in Milan, I will have the rest of the week ahead and then plan on traveling a bit with my friend Angela. I'm excited about that! I'm not excited to leave Denver... or to say goodbye to Koura-dog for another year. Give. And take.

Here's a photo from when my parents were in Denver for a few days and we all took an evening walk along the Cherry Creek Path... and then stopped by Sweet Action for ice cream!

And two nights ago Lenny and Lexey put together the 4th Annual Going Away Party for me at the house. It's always nice to have good company get together... and this year's was an ice cream cookie themed party! Niiiiiice cream  :P

Our cousin, Nick, is in town for work from Seattle so he was able to come too!

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