Wednesday, August 13, 2014

makin misshaps in Milan - whoops!

Sheesh. Seems that since returning to Milan a week ago, I'm extremely accident prone.

  • Arriving back to my apartment the first afternoon with luggage in tow, I tan over my big toe with a suitcase as I tried to squeeze everything through the door... the toe is still cut.
  • Making the bed with newly washed sheets, I stubbed my second toe (same foot) badly on the corner of the bed.
  • ...That toe is now completely red and purple, swollen, and does not want to bend.
  • Purchasing local honey from the town's fresh dairy vending machine for little gifts, I tried to buy 3 not realizing that there were only 2 left (...3 euro gift to the vending machine. D'Oh!)
  • My bicycle tipped over while filling water bottles at the park today and the chain came off.
  • ...Because of the chain on (off!) my bike, I slowly limped home... in the rain.

The good news?? --

Some pieces of me are hurt but nothing too bad!

I fixed the bicycle chain!! First time ever attempting that and I figured it out  : )

Tomorrow I leave Milan for a little beach vacation with a friend and a visit to my Italian cousins!

My cousins live in Alba Adriatica - within Abruzzo.
After 3 days with family on the beach, Angela and I will be heading to Verona for a couple nights - where I'll be on my 30th birthday!!
...After that... back to Milan to prepare for another school year at ASM.

A couple Google Maps screenshots of where we'll be. The red marker furthest west is Milan... to the east is Verona... and south is Alba Adriatica!

I hope that when I return to Milan (as a thirty year-old!), Milan will welcome me back kindly, safely, and accident-free. -- Here's to a great second year ahead!

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