Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Arcola, Italy

On the ride to Cinque Terre, Paolo, a teacher from my school, asked if we wanted to take a little detour and see the town where he grew up until he was about 9 years old. Ummm... YES! Definitely. Julie and I like these kinds of detours.  : )  He said that he still visits about once a year.

The town of Arcola is one of the small, gorgeous towns that you see atop a hill while driving along the autostrade. It is cute, quaint, gorgeous... and makes you want to move there! Julie and I did talk about renting an apartment for a summer, ha.

Below are some pictures from our walk through this hilltop town:

Cute (CUTE!) mailbox:

We wove our way through tiny street alleys... simply continuing up the entire way... and found ourselves at this main square... with quite the view of Liguria's hillside!

Julie was grinning... taking it all in... and she didn't stop grinning until her two-week trip was over!

Ahhhhh Arcola. Gorgeous.

After walking through that lovely hilltop town... Paolo took us to a spot at the bottom (which almost feels like a separate town). He grew up in a house here and the school is next door. We took a small walk and had gorgeous views of the overall town.

Joolie, Stazy, Paolo...


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