Thursday, July 17, 2014

more than once in a lifetime - YEAH!

Two weeks after going to Cinque Terre with my good friend Julie... I went back again! Robert - a great friend and colleague of mine in Milan - was celebrating his birthday with a weekend in Manarola. Perrrrrfect. Robert and his wife, Mary, have become dear friends of mine... we laugh a ton, have good conversations, and I know that I can go to them for anything.

Other friends from school - Heath and Jesye - and I jumped into the Birthday Bus (as Mary appropriately termed it) with Robert and Mary... and in less than a 3-hour drive... we went from Milan to lovely, amazing Ciiiiiiinque Terrrrrrrre! (AND arrived in time for a gorgeous sunset.)

We were told that the apartment had a grand terrace and sea view... sure did!!!
We'll jump to that!

With Heath... each having a moment   : )

Dinosaur walks for Manarola!

The top two levels of the orange one was ours for the weekend!!!

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