Sunday, July 13, 2014

trip to Cinque Terre with Joolie!

I am currently in Denver, Colorado - staying with my brother, his wife, and their dog. I love it here. I also loved my 8 days in Penfield, New York at my parents' house.

For now, though, I need to back up a bit and want to post about my long weekend trip to Cinque Terre! I went twice this past Spring... it is just 3 hours from Milan... and Cinque Terre is magical.

A good friend of mine from Denver, Julie, came to visit me when I had a long weekend for International Labor Day at the very beginning of May... and she wanted to go to Cinque Terrrrrrre!  : )  The maps below show where this is in relation to Milan.

I bought our train tickets early since it was a holiday weekend... buuuut then there was a chance of a strike, so Julie and I rode to Manarola (one of the towns of Cinque Terre) with a teacher from my school who is from there! He was also going for the long weekend and had offered to drive us beforehand but we figured we would take the train (and I already had the tickets). We waited for him in the middle of the small roundabout outside my building... we were very ready for the weekend adventure!  : )

...I mean, a weekend with this magical view that is real?!?! Yes, please!!...

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