Friday, July 18, 2014

Robert's birthday - Cinque Terre!

Happy birthday to Robert! One of my favorite people and a dear friend. I feel pretty lucky to be able to write that after just a year in Italy with him and Mary. There was a great group of friends from school that went to Manarola to help celebrate with this amazing guy. We all went to dinner at Trattoria dal Billy. Everyone has told me that this is the best restaurant in Manarola... with amazing seafood. The food was amazing and just never stopped! We were served family style and I cannot even begin to count how many different dishes we had. It was all pretty delicious.

Jesye, me, Robert-the-birthday-man...

Sunday morning was Robert's true birthday. We enjoyed some time by the water and then grabbed coffees before climbing back into the Birthday Bus to head back to Milan...

(I mean, really... how is this even real?!)

"Cappuccinos! Capp- capp- uccinos!"

The great weekend wasn't finished yet! We arrived back to Milan... grabbed some birthday gelatos (because dinner the night before apparently wasn't enough - HA!)... and met up again later for pizza at Lo Chalet right in Opera. 

Birthday candle pizza!

Happy birthday to Robert   : )

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