Monday, July 14, 2014

Bishop Castle, CO

Bishop Castle is a weird, amazing place near Rye, Colorado. I first heard of the castle on some list of travel places that most people don't know about. Well... I had surely never heard of Bishop Castle and it's less than 3 hours from Denver! Lenny, Lexey, and I went by way of the castle on the way home from Yurtstock -- definitely worth the detour! Crazy place.

A man by the name of Jim Bishop began building the castle about 40 years ago and still continues adding on today. There must be plenty of safety issues with the castle (my entire leg could have gone through one part between a landing and a staircase!)... but there were a ton of visitors climbing all over the castle the day we visited and everyone we passed was commenting on how nuts the place is (and awesome!).

Lenny and I climbed our way around and around a spiral staircase until we found ourselves at the very tallest point... the left side of the castle in the photo below. ...Gorgeous views!

View from my perch at the top:

Hey Len!

Hey Len!

Gorgeous Colorado

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