Wednesday, July 2, 2014

yearly visit to Camp Stella Maris

Each summer when I am home in Rochester, NY... I make a trip out to Camp Stella Maris. I went to CSM as a camper growing up and then was on staff for 6 years. Camp has helped to shape me into the person that I am today and a visit home wouldn't be the same without Camp.  <3

My friend, Courtney, and I went out together... and then Jenn met us there... we don't know many people at Camp anymore -- but our good friend, Tom Weaver, is still there full-time and Adam Bell is the Camp Director (he began the same summer that I did!).

Funny enough... this visit brought many staff members saying that they felt like they walked into a 'flashback'... finding me, Courtney, Jenn, and Tom sorting the mail... and two staff members told me that I was their very first counselor at Camp! Very cool.   : )

A couple views of the waterfront on Conesus Lake:

Mondo still reigns at Ballfield!

Courtney, me, A-Bell

The out-sourced pros for sorting the daily mail! (Ha!)
Courtney, Tom, me, Jenn

I was his counselor his very first year at Camp!
He was a junior camper -- seven years old. It was summer of 2003...
...this is his 2nd year on staff now...
...and now he's going to be a freshman in college in the fall! Whoa.  : )

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