Saturday, April 19, 2014


Ah, the Colosseum of Rome. Wow.

The first time I stepped inside the Colosseum was between the sophomore and junior years of college. It was my first full day in Italy and the entire experience was amazing and overwhelming. I teared up! I didn't expect to have an emotional reaction like that... but going to Italy was a dream of mine and the history held within one place was so incredible to me - still is! ...And now, to think, that I live in Italy. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

I figured I couldn't be in Rome for a weekend and not take a stroll around the Colosseum. About half of it (the part with the highest outer walls remaining) is currently under scaffolding, which is too bad for tourists seeing the Colosseum for the first time... but it's still gorgeous.

The nearby Arch of Constantine is also currently covered in scaffolding.

And more nearby ruins (this city is like an outdoor museum!)...

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