Saturday, April 19, 2014

traveling to KATHMANDU, NEPAL!

Wow. I had never really thought of traveling to Nepal before... until my closest friend in Vietnam my first year accepted a teaching position at the Lincoln School in Kathmandu.

Funny enough... the world of international teaching proved itself to be quite small... when Sarah accepted the position, she then became colleagues with Jenn Alevy - the librarian that was in the Adams 12 school district in Colorado with me during my first two years of teaching. Jenn is the person that tipped me off about the Librarian position in Ho Chi Minh City (which created two huge years in my life)... and SHE was the Librarian at the Lincoln School! Weird. Now Jenn is the Librarian at an international school in Chennai, India.

Sarah leaving Vietnam after my first year (she had lived in Saigon for three and a half years!) was really hard for me. I missed her a lot... especially since you have only so many friends (that are also like family) when living abroad. I told her that, no matter where I was in the world, during her second year in Kathmandu... I was going to go for a visit! --- SO... here I go!

I'll be staying for just under a week for my Spring Break. I'm really, really excited. I hope to take a day-hike or two... wander and shop through the markets... and walk, exploring the city/valley with my camera. AND I'm looking forward to spending time with Sarah - catching up and soaking up time with a good friend. Other than that - I don't even know what to expect!

Below are some Google Maps screenshots of the locations...

Milan is the 'B' green marker at the top left... and the 'A' red marker is KATHMANDU!

All of Nepal - a small but long country...

I fly through Doha, Qatar...
...from left to right: Milan --> Doha --> Kathmandu!

The 'Earth view' option in Google Maps is cool when looking at Kathmandu because the city is set in a valley, surrounded by mountains:

Very sad and very scary... yesterday there was the deadliest avalanche ever in Everest. At least 12 local guides died and they are searching for more.

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