Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Kathmand, Nepal... first experiences

Sarah met me at the airport Sunday afternoon and we went to her lovely, goooorgeous 3-bedroom house. On the way, the taxi driver rolled his window up to keep dust/dirt out, Sarah asked him if he would kindly put the air conditioning on. (The days are hot here... about 90F. It cools down nicely at night though, which is a great break.) The driver replied, "Sorry, you did not pay the AC price." Wow! Interesting. And I respect it.

Gas and electricity both are costly here and fuel prices recently went up. This city is amazing in ways. I have never been in a dark city before at night. Sure, there might be a dark alley... but here, the entire place is dark! ...More on that in another post...

Sarah's boyfriend, Michael, is here for 3 months as well... he was also at AIS with us in Vietnam and it's been really nice to see him too.

I did not expect so many pieces of this city to feel like Saigon! Part of me wasn't ready for that. I can't explain all of it... but pieces are the crazy driving and traffic, including motorbikes weaving dangerously between cars and trucks... the dirt, haze, and pollution... the shops along the streets with no doors, etc. But more than those things, it's the feel...

Kathmandu also has lovely quirks... like cows, which are sacred in this culture, simply standing or lying in the middle of the road, amidst the non-stop traffic.

Moving from Saigon to Milan, I went from one great coffee country to another! I loved finding out that coffee is amazing here as well. I want to buy some local coffee before I leave. I've been going to a beautiful cafe each morning and it's coffee is really, really delicious. Mmmmmhmmmmm : )

I also cannot type out how nice it feels to spend time with Sarah. It's been almost two years since we've seen one another and we don't keep in touch all the time but it's one of those friendships that just picks up right where it left off. I feel very fortunate to have amazing, true friendships in my life.

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