Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hotel Nerva - Roma

I have been to Rome 3 times and each time I have happily stayed at Hotel Nerva.

This little hotel is very central in the city... just a few minutes walk to the Colosseum! It is directly behind the Roman Forum on a narrow street.

The first time I went to Italy (with a group from my college), the two owners were brothers... if you think of cute, little, old Italian men... that's them! Five years later, when I stayed with my family... the son of one of the brothers had taken over ownership. He even helped us to get into contact with my dad's cousin!

Both of my first trips were (funny enough) spent in the same room! There was a 'family room' that could sleep 5. There was a loft area and a balcony window looking out over the street and the wall of the Roman Forum! Now, I think that room has been turned into a fancy suite.

The entire hotel has been remodeled/updated and it's gorgeous. The price is a bit steep... but worth it. I wanted a relaxing weekend to fully enjoy and I did just that. My afternoon siesta times in my room reading were perfect.

My tiny little single room:

This room looked into an inner courtyard area:

The front of the hotel on the narrow street (the wall on the right is the Roman Forum!)

The Roman Forum on the left... and the hotel is on the other side of the yellow building that you can see in the photo below:

Just up from the front door of the hotel:

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