Wednesday, April 16, 2014

memories in Roma

Ten years ago, I traveled to Italy for the first time... with a group from my college. --A dream come true! I began that trip in the amazing city of Rome.

Five years later (and five years ago), I traveled back to Italy with my parents and two brothers. --Another dream come true! It was amazing to see my dad light up as he explored the country where his family is from.

Five days ago... I was in Rome again! I really love this city. It is incredible... like an outdoor museum. Just walking around aimlessly is like extreme sightseeing.

For each visit, I have stayed at the lovely (and well located!) hotel, Hotel Nerva. I remember the first night I arrived as a college student, we took a walk from the hotel to dinner and passed by this -->

Walking by this gorgeous wall just a few nights ago, memories came flooding back to me. I had forgotten that small piece of my first trip... my first night! We had gone to dinner in a tiny, crowded restaurant and I learned that I did NOT like water con gas (with carbonation). It was weird to me. ...Now I love acqua frizzante!

I'm fairly used to traveling solo now. I enjoy traveling with family and friends - but it's nice to know that I am comfortable enjoying my time on my own as well. Even though I was alone in Rome for the weekend (after a two-day workshop at the end of the work week), I found 'family' throughout the city!   : )

Ambrogio! Nonny's side of the family

Roxanne! (my parents' dog)

Poppies at the ancient Roman Forum - for Poppy!!

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