Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mom and Dad about to leave... SAD FACE

Along with the show at La Scala, Mom and Dad went on a day-trip up to Lake Como by train their second-to-last day in Milan. I stayed back to get some schoolwork done and prepare to return to work the next day.

Their last day in town - Mom went to the grocery store and ran some everyday errands... she was cute, in saying that she felt like she lived a bit of my life here! Dad borrowed the elementary school principal's golf clubs and played 18 holes on the course next to school!

We went to Le Chalet that night for dinner - a fabulous little restaurant in Opera near my place. Their ravioli is ...amazing! I made a new friend while at dinner too (...dogs inside stores and restaurants is a totally normal occurrence in Italy).

Dad in front of the dairy vending machine in Opera:

And of course... cappuccinos filled our time ...all the time   : )

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