Wednesday, January 22, 2014

a Alba Adriatica con Italia, Gabriele, e Maria!

The afternoon of our second day in Alba Adriatica, Italia, Gabriele, and Maria stopped by Gina's house for a bit. It was great to see them! Italia (pictured below with Dad and Mom) is the one relative that my great aunts in Rochester, NY have been in contact with over the years. She even visited Rocheester, NY to meet the family years ago!

On our first family trip to Italy five years ago, we were trying and trying to call Italia but could not get through (it was recently after the earthquake and telephone lines were down)... we finally found a 'Mario Maiorani' in the area and called... thus, finding Mario and Gina!

Crazy how things happen.

Turns out... Mario and Italia are cousins themselves!

Me, Gina, Sean, Maria, Dad, Mom... front row: Gabriele, Italia

Dad, showing them pictures from Lenny and Lexey's wedding!

Italia and Dad were talking about all of the relatives that she met during her trip to the United States... Dad was inviting them to all come to the States and meet family... he was serious! It would be awesome if they did... the picture below shows Dad inviting Gina and telling her that he will take care of her  : )

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