Tuesday, January 21, 2014

food, food, and onto more food!

Although we all thought that we would not have to eat again for another week... after a few hours of down time... we were off to Jacqueline and Giacomo's house (kids: Ylenia and Fabio) for dinner!

We were told that plans changed from the original menu of food... and they were going to make pizzas. Awesome. Sounds good to me!

Their house is set on a hill... overlooking the mountains and the sea. It was gorgeous.

As we walked into the house, we were greeted by this hugely long table... ready to seat everyone! Ahhh... feels good to be surrounded by family and it reminds me of our family get-togethers in East Rochester when I was little.

Ylena, The Cook!

Ylenia had it all set in the kitchen... creating gorgeous pizzas with a variety of toppings on huge trays. Her mom, Jacqueline was at the outdoor kitchen making potatoes to go with all of it as well.

Giacomo gave us a tour of the house and Dad made a new buddy:

It was pretty cool listening to Giacomo and Dad tell stories of their pet birds. Dad had one growing up and his stories were similar to Giacomo's - they both were excited to share with one another and understand exactly what the other was saying!

Dad's bird growing up, Pretty Boy, would come out of his cage each evening and sit on the side of my Poppy's glasses to watch television with him. He would also fly into my Nonny's hands, as she would cup them together while she washed dishes after dinner.

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