Sunday, January 19, 2014

dinner Night 1 with the cousins, Alba Adriatica

Returning from a great little trip to Ascoli Piceno, we arrived back to Gina's house in Alba Adriatica and dinner was almost ready.

We tried Skyping with our cousins -- the Pizzingrillis in East Rochester, New York... but could not get a strong enough Internet connection. At some point during my time in Italy, I hope that my Aunt Lenore and Uncle Bubby and their kids are able to make it out here... it would be a lot of fun to have them meet and visit our Poppy's cousins in Alba Adriatica!

Everybody came over for dinner. I love love love these Italian dinners. They are so laid back yet full of energy. It reminds me of family get-togethers at my Nonny and Poppy's house when I was young... the huge pot of soup on the stove... pepperoni bread and tons of food set on top of the pool table... and a house full of love.   : )

Dad and Vincenzo:

Giacomo and Sean:

The kids! Mom brought the I <3 NY t-shirts for them   : )
Sean, Denis, Fabio, me, Ylenia, [Giacomo for the photo bomb], Christopher:

Gina!  : )

A quick video of everyone hanging out (and talking at once!):

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