Friday, January 17, 2014

CUTE Ascoli Piceno, Italy

After arriving at Gina's house in Alba Adriatica, we moved our things into the downstairs apartment. It was beautiful - 3 bedrooms and a living room... kitchen... bathroom. We stayed for two nights. Gina and her dog, Jerry, live upstairs. Mario, my grandpa's cousin, passed away late last summer from cancer. I miss him... last time we visited and met the cousins, Mario was the one to pick us up at the train station... he looked so much like my Poppy... and had a bright light of happiness and laughter to his personality. Both Gina and Jerry miss him a lot.

It was a great time, being able to see Gina and all of the family again. We spent time all together in the kitchen (I want a couch in my kitchen when I buy my own place, too!)... and then we took a short drive to an ancient town... Ascoli Piceno. We went with Gina's daughter - Silvana, her husband, Vincenzo, and one of their two sons - Denis.

A lovely view along our drive to Ascoli Piceno:

Gorgeous, colorful sunset:

Mom, Silvana, myself, Denis, Sean, Vincenzo
(photo credit: Dad)

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