Monday, January 13, 2014


We arrived back at my apartment in Opera on the 24th of December. And, by my request, we made our family's traditional Christmas cookies!!!

I had shopped around for ingredients here for a while and got what I could find... Mom brought some things too... and I borrowed cookie cutters from a friend at school.

The cookies turned out GREAT and were so, so nice to have. I have not had our Christmas cookies in at least a few years... last winter I was on an amazing trip in New Zealand... the year before we spent as a family... but in Vietnam and Cambodia (and I did not have an oven at my place in Vietnam to even attempt cookie making)... and for a few years in a row before that, Mom and Dad came from New York to spend the holiday with us kids in Denver, Colorado. I don't remember when the last time I had Christmas cookies was.

...I'm sure happy to have had my fill recently   : )

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