Saturday, January 25, 2014

"Guarda la Americana..."

Riding my bicycle up to my apartment building's gate just now, I was arriving back from picking up some groceries from the store and also water from the park.

There was a lady unloading a ton of bags from her car and putting them in the entryway.

When I pulled up on the sidewalk she said something to me in rapid Italian. I replied with, "Parlo un poco Italiano. Mi dispiace." (I speak a little Italian. Sorry.)

She continued talking to me in Italian... and I just kind of shrugged and smiled as I got off my bike, walking towards the gate.

The lady moved a bag out of the way and said, "Ecco." (Here.)


As the lady walked back to get more from her car and I unlocked the gate to go inside, I hear her say to her little girl in the car... "Guarda la Americana."

Hahahahaha... well, I know enough Italian to understand that one! ...She said to her little girl: Look at the American.

Nice. I got a chuckle out of that.

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