Thursday, January 16, 2014

Christmas Day in Opera

Very, very nice to spend Christmas Day with my parents and brother, Sean, in Opera, Italy!

We woke up... made coffee, ate some Pandoro (similar to Panettone but plain)... and opened presents together.

I already blogged about the
which Dad picked up... 

...he also hilariously got Sean the wrestling figurines that
were thrown out at the same time... I love it!

The ponies are now safely displayed in my school library...
...awaiting kiddos to play with them!

Mom did really well packing a ton of gifts to bring along with her from the States. ...And thank you to Grandma Sharpe and Aunt Gail for sending gifts along too! It was really nice to receive special things in Italy... and now I can wear/use them and think of family back home.

We went to Robert and Mary's house for dinner that night. Their house is the one that has great get-togethers with music in the living room! 

Dinner was wonderful... the company was even better. It was a beautiful holiday with my family and new friends.   : )

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