Tuesday, January 21, 2014

lunch at Silvana and Vincenzo's - Alba Adriatica, Italy

Wow. Silvana's lunch was amazing... and intense. Intensely GOOD... but the food just kept coming!

We began the meal with bread and a spread of salamis/cheeses.

Then... onto the pasta.

We had an amazing lasagna (that Dad was still raving about two weeks later!)...

THEN out comes carbonara pasta - Mom's favorite!

From the pasta 'primi' course... was the 'secondi' course of... DUCK.

Then... salad.

(We were overly stuffed at this point... but still had to try a bit of everything... aaaand it's very possible that I'm forgetting something here too...)

Stuffed. But the meal still wasn't over.

Out came this amazing tray of dolci - sweets! (Shown below.)

And, of course, espressos too.

Let me just also mention here how much I love Christopher.

We are about the same age and have a lot in common. His English is better than my Italian and he is hilarious. Somehow, the My Little Pony story from Christmas day came up... and Christopher got all excited... saying that HE received the rainbow pony for Christmas this year! - NO JOKE! ...He ran to his room to get it -->

HA! Amazing.

He should make his hair match.

Vincenzo, Christopher's dad, rolled his eyes and said that every year since Christopher was a little boy, he only wants My Little Ponies for Christmas and his birthday. I love it. And I love this guy.   : )

Sean is definitely buddies with Chrisopher's brother, Denis. 
Denis is sarcastic and funny... and he and Sean could usually be found together joking and laughing -->

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