Saturday, January 4, 2014

vino e dificile - family in Milan

Vino e dificile = Wine is difficult! ...Or... at least wine is difficult when the Griswold family arrives!

My corkscrew from Vietnam was apparently cheap-cheap...
It broke into numerous pieces as we attempted to open a bottle of wine.
(This is only the 2nd time I've ever used this corkscrew in more than two years.)

We broke out the pliers...

Mom's tool of choice:

...Then the cork broke in half ...half is still in the bottle. D'Oh!

The next day, Dad bought a new corkscrew at the local grocery store in Opera - CoOp.
It feels like cheap plastic BUT works like a charm!

Since this time... my Dad hit the jackpot when he found his favorite wine - Montepulciano - 30% off at CoOp! His favorite wine for less then two euro... WIN!

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  1. Love the corkscrew escapades!! And... of course the Montepuciano at a wonderful price!!! Someone I know would love that price!