Sunday, September 7, 2014

a Teramo night out

Arrosticini is the main, traditional food item of the festival... aaaaaand absolutely delicious.
Similar to kebabs, arrosticini are flavorful yet simple... and I ate way more than I thought I would! Wow.

Giacomo and Jacqueline:

Me, Angela, and arrosticinis!

Ylenia (Giacomo and Jacqueline's daughter) dates a guy from Teramo... and his family owns a well-known bakery in the town. His dad brought us a plateful of sweets AND (2 photos down) croissants with crema and nutella inside! WHOA... 

I found it awesome that he also took the empty wine bottle from the table at one point... went into the bakery... came out a minute later... and set the bottle back on the table - full. I love that they basically have wine out of taps in the wall here!! 

Dalila, me, Giacomo
(Dalila is Fabio's girlfriend - lovely girl, going to school in Milano!)

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