Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Castel San Pietro Overlook - Verona

The young man that ran the B&B where we stayed (really an apartment with two rooms to rent out), showed us on a map the main places to see in the city. One of the things that he mentioned was a fabulous overlook of the city at Castel San Pietro. This was GREAT! I'm glad that we made it up here... it really didn't seem like a long walk or a big climb to get to this spot, which had an amazing view of the city across the river.

Before crossing the river, we could see the Castel San Pietro (our goal)... the top building with a rectangular-looking rooftop... that's where we went to!

Aaaaand the views!   : )

Looking down the river to the right... a different-yet-still-beautiful view:

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