Sunday, September 7, 2014

Alba Adriatica's beach stroll

After a delicious trip to the pizzeria, Angela and I dropped our bags off at Gina's house (Mario, Gina's husband, passed away about a year ago - he was my grandpa's cousin...). Silvana then took us on a nice walk along the beach - Alba Adriatica has a great path that runs along the beach - many walkers, runners, and bicyclists use the path.

Silvana and me...

This was our turnaround point - gorgeous!

A view of the other direction (and the hills!)

Me and Angela - the two ASM Librarians!   : )

Back at Gina's house  : )

I surely don't understand all that she says (being fluent in Italian would be a dream! that I'm slowly working towards)... but we were definitely both happy to see each other and spend time together. And there were numerous laughs and stories told over the next few days.

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