Sunday, September 7, 2014

lunch for 20 ...totally normal

Angela and I lounged and people-watched on the beach for the morning of our first full day in Alba Adriatica.

Then we headed to Jacqueline and Giacomo's house for lunch. We showed up and found a table set for 20 people! - TWENTY!

Lunch was AWESOME. The courses kept coming from the kitchen. I appreciated Giacomo warning me that after the rabbit, there was also going to be cutlets and olive ascolane (stuffed olives) - a specialty from this area and one of my (and my family's!) favorites.

Before the meat courses, however, was the timballo. Mmmmmm. Similar to lasagna but, again, a specialty of Abruzzo - timballo is made with egg noodles and seems lighter than lasagna... not as much cheese but absolutely deeeelicious.


A moment caught... Angela and I each laughing/smiling at different things.
What a GREAT experience!

Giacomo with the rabbit(s)...

Just a normal family lunch in Italy!

And, of course, ending the meal with homemade tiramisu!

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