Sunday, September 21, 2014

QC Terme Milano Spa

There is a wonderful spa in the center of the city, which I have been wanting to go to and figured that it would be the perfect, special evening with Mom! We went to QC Terme Milano her last night in town.

This spa IS a special place. The spa is set inside a historical building, within the ancient Roman walls. Horse-drawn trams used to stop at this building, which was a part of the transport agency in the city. There is even a one-car tram on the grounds, which you can go inside and it is a sauna! Very cool.

I was surprised with how many different areas and baths the spa has. This is really an incredible space... but kind of weird too. It felt as if we had stepped into a different world with lots of people in white robes.

Mom and I first went into a large room with 'nests' which you can lie down inside and sink into the foam mattresses. There was also a red circular room, which had heated beds inside and was said to feel like the inside of a volcano. We also experienced relaxing on water beds, spraying perfume, and listening to music underwater.

There are three bath pools outside, with a gorgeous view of one side of the Roman walls and each pool is a bit different. After spending some time outside in each of the pools, we made our way back inside for an aperitivo, which was included in our entry fee and included champagne! Whoa.

Lastly, we went downstairs... not knowing what we would find. Well, the downstairs of the spa is like another world! There was a long hallway with doors and small rooms off either side. I would guess that there are about 20 different saunas, steam rooms, and baths off of this hallway. ...And we tried each one! Haha.

Some of the pieces of the downstairs that I remember most are: the roman bath tables - large marble beds-tables to lie down on and have warm water sprayed on you from above, the waterfall bath pools, the foot baths for a pedicure, the Japanese sauna - which was way too hot for us, aaaaand plenty more.

Funny enough, as we arrived and were checking in (around 5:30pm), the lady told us that the spa closes at midnight. Mom and I kind of laughed at that... thinking that we had no plans to stay quite that long! ...After experiencing the spa, though, I can see why she gave us that heads-up. We left the spa around 8:30pm or so... but could have definitely stayed longer, ate more, or even signed up for a custom massage, which costs more but I bet would be fabulous.

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