Sunday, September 14, 2014


From Abruzzo, Angela and I took the train to Verona. What a great city! I really like that Verona IS a city, yet it is small and incredibly walk-able. We arrived late in the evening, had a full day the next day (my birthday!), and then just the morning of the day after... and it seemed like a good amount of time to explore and see the sights.

Below are some photos from our full day as we walked around:

Verona's arean (coliseum) is great... it is central in the city and there are often shows and concerts in the evenings (of course... there were no shows the two nights we were in town... but shows surrounding our time there! ha... next time.)

One end of the arena/coliseum:

We walked past a few libraries!
This one is the antique archives and communal library:

Library and Archives:

the piazza in front of the duomo:

Piazza Erbe:

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