Monday, September 8, 2014

San Benedetto del Tronto - mercatino!

Returning to Gina's house after a morning at the beach with Elisa and lunch at Maria's house... Angela, Gina, and I walked over to the pizzeria. I pretty much love that we can walk a few blocks and be at the family pizzeria. Truly. This could be a television series... I love it. The parents - Silvana and Vincenzo - are there helping... and the two sons - Christopher and Denis - run the place. We went each afternoon to just sit and hang out... spend some family time together... perrrfect.

While there our third day in town, Christopher invited Angela and I out with him that night to San Benedetto del Tronto - a nearby town... on the beach, bigger than Alba Adriatica. I was pretty tired from the night before in Teramo and an early morning at the beach... but Christopher said that we could go to a mercatino (flea market) and get gelato... OK! Both of those things sound right up my alley.   : )

Angela and I met Christopher back at the pizzeria around 10:30pm, when they closed, and went out from there. San Benedetto is really cute. Many people were vacationing there and out for the evening. We walked through the town, then through the mercatino, and THEN went to the oldest gelateria in the town... yes, please!

The gelateria was packed with people. Christopher asked for a table for 3 people... and the guy said something about facciamo - meaning, we make. I laughed and said to Christopher that it would be awesome if they really made us a table... I'm picturing a hammer and nails! Funny enough... the guy comes walking over, carrying a table and three folding chairs. Hilarious. Even without a hammer and nails involved, he did make us a table... and set it in an open spot. Ready to go! I loved it.

On a walk through San Benedetto with Christopher:

A favorite photo/moment of mine... which one is not like the others??...
Angela ordered a coffee instead of gelatoooooo! (And ours were fancy, giant gelatos at that!) 

Angela and I left by train the next day - early evening. Vincenzo, Silvana, and Gina drove us to the train station in San Benedetto - and stopped by the pier on the way to the station since we hadn't been able to see it when it was dark while we were there with Christopher the night before. It was a really pretty spot:

Gina, me, Angela, Silvana:

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