Saturday, September 20, 2014

PUMPKIN coffee and muffins

One of my goals for today was to not leave my apartment.   : D

By that... I mean that I was looking forward to relaxing, drinking coffees, getting work done, packing for two upcoming trips, etc. etc.

It was FABULOUS having my mom in town for the past week and she helped out around my apartment a lot... but now I'm already thinking ahead to the upcoming conference and travels that need preparing for.

I'm definitely succeeding at my day's goal task-wise... but I did just venture outside.  : )

Mom made some delicious pumpkin latte concentrate for me to have - and it's deeeelicious. I now have some extra pumpkin puree to use and figured I would make pumpkin muffins to enjoy.

Low and behold... no eggs in the fridge.

I contemplated knocking on my neighbors' doors... asking to borrow a couple of eggs... huffing and puffing included if need-be... (kidding)... (get it?!?)... buuut this thought quickly passed and a short walk to the Punto store near my place won.

About 20 minutes later, with eggs purchased and in a bag, I found that the day had turned from gray and damp to sunny and lovely! ...There is a small celebration of sorts going on in town tonight (Notte Bianca) and there is already live music and a bounce-house in the small piazza down the street. I also followed a scurrying lizard to my door.

Take THAT daily goal! ...Now... back home and ready to make PUMPKIN MUFFINS!

PS... I have enjoyed two lattes today - both including Mom's pumpkin spice concoction.   : )

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