Friday, September 20, 2013


Lexey and Lenny gave me a bag of bagels to bring back to Italy... YESSSSS!

Love love love a freezer filled with bagels  :D

They safely made it back in my carry-on...

Lenny even brought me a dozen bagels to Vietnam last March when he came to visit. ...The bag of poppy seed bagels ended up opening and there were poppy seeds all over his clothing and luggage  :P  haha.

...Thank you Lenny and Lexey!!

A returning teacher did point out a bagel shop in the city one day. I'm definitely going to try making my way there some weekend. So far, I know that I take the 222 bus from Opera, to the 24 tram, and transfer to the 9 tram.

She even said you can get cheddar cheese at the shop   : )  The CoOp supermarket in Opera has a bunch of mozzarella and provolone cheeses but I would love some cheddar. I also plan on looking for more cheeses at the local Opera market tomorrow morning.

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