Sunday, September 8, 2013

mmmmm, FOOD!

NOT the healthiest of lunches... but most definitely delicious!

...Carrie showed me an amazing place to grab a sandwich, which is basically a doughnut sandwich fill with goodness! It is called a panzerotti and we went to a very popular place... Luini's.

A ton of locals and tourists stood in line down the street... from two different directions!

There are two doors to the shop, a doorman to help control the masses, and no seating... you grab to go and then can eat while walking or sit on the sidewalk. I love it.

In the photo below you can see the line from the other direction as well,
AND the doorman going back and forth between the sides...

Carrie and I... and there's my panzerotti! Mmmmm

I followed Carrie's lead and got the pomodori e formaggio... tomotoes and cheese... it was basically a fried pizza. YES!

From there, I splurged and also got a fancy gelato! There is a crazy popular place (just across from Luini's)... you order what type of cone and size you want and then are given a number.

When your number comes up, you then get to order the flavors. ...But FIRST they put some chocolate syrup into the cone! Oh my. You can choose between white chocolate, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate... each coming out of a barrel fountain.

A happy girl with a big gelato!
My flavors of the day: pistachio, chocolate, and coconut!

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