Saturday, September 21, 2013

Saturday cappuccino

I went for a coffee at a cute cafe in town this morning (after bumping into them at the market). It was our first time at this cafe and I really like it... very cute and there are a couple tables outside if you can grab one.

We walked around town a bit after a coffee and a chat... then they went towards their homes and I went to another cafe (hehe)... ordered a cappuccino... and this time took the barista up on his offer of cacao (chocolate). These two photos of are my second cappuccino of the day.

It was lovely to sit outside and read my book. I'm currently reading a great book set in the early 60's in Cinque Terre, Italy... as well as current day in the States... given to me by my good friend, Barb! (...AKA: Lenny's mother-in-law!)

Photo taken from
Seeing as how I live in Opera (pronounced, 'Op-air-ah'... )I think this is appropriate   : )

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