Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lenny and Lexey's day! Denver, CO

My oldest brother, Lenny, is the first of the three of us kids to get MARRIED!

Even though I've just moved to Italy (it was less than 3 weeks at the time)... and just started a new job (I left during only the second week of school!)... I went back to Denver, Colorado to be there for his special day.

When Lenny picked me up at the airport Wednesday evening (wedding was Satruday), he said that it had been raining non-stop for the past few days... there was flooding in areas already... and the bad weather wasn't supposed to let up anytime soon. That is super unusual for this area!... Denver is the city with "300 days of sunshine!"

The weather surely did NOT let up. We pushed back our trip up to lovely Estes Park in the mountains by a day... hoping to be able to get up to the location for the wedding on Friday and still have a last-minute rehearsal dinner.

Come late Thursday evening, two out of three of the roads up to Estes Park had been swept away due to flooding. Later... the last road was closed as well... and there was no way to get to Estes Park (AND... Lenny's godparents were now stuck in Estes, since they had gone up a day early to enjoy the scenery!).

Lenny and Lexey are amazing... and proved it over the next 15 hours or so...

...they re-planned their entire wedding (and accommodations for ~115 people) in less than a day.

...AND the entire weekend still turned out to be lovely, amazing, and a perfect celebration for a wonderful couple.

Without ever having seen the new space before showing up for their ceremony, Lenny and Lexey had their wedding ceremony at a cute art studio in the city.

Artwork Network on Santa Fe in Denver, CO was gorgeous... a perfect size... and the people running the gallery were GREAT.

Below are some photos from the wedding...

So sweet...

Lexey and Lenny... YOU'RE MARRIED!

And I was honored to be asked to read a piece from The Velveteen Rabbit at the ceremony!

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