Monday, September 23, 2013

homemade pickles

Oh, you know... I just made my own pickles is all...   :D

I'm not a cook... and I'm hardly a baker... but I'm working on both of those things. And I'm fairly proud of these homemade pickles that have gone from cucumbers... to PICKLES!

My brothers, Lenny and Sean, are both great in a kitchen... and Lenny has inspired me now to make my own chai concentrate in Vietnam - and now, to make my own pickles from cucumbers!

I will work on this to perfect it... but my first batch turned out pretty well!

It took some time to find hot peppers... so I added those a bit late... but the spice is there now and awesome. Cucumber, garlic, some white wine vinegar, water, and about a week or so... and mmmmmm. PICKLES!

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  1. You know Schoff and I are wicked proud of you on this one, Maiorani!! ;)