Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Hunter in the library!

Hunter visited the library this past Saturday. Hunter is a returning teacher's dog. I asked her to come in with Hunter (after gaining permission from the school's director!) so that I could take photos of him being a wonderful library patron... and then put the photos together and narrate a short movie to show the elementary classes as part of their library orientation.

It was fun having Hunter there! I hope the students enjoy the video next week  : )

Hunter returning his book in the book return...

Hunter decided to check out a book about BIRDS this week  : )

Searching for a good book!
(Pretty sure this one is my favorite.)

Hunter also lives in Opera...
...I'll probably be frequenting his home to ask if I can take him on walks! Haha


  1. This is absolutely adorable, Stac! -- Jess

  2. oh man...wish you were our libRarian...